Badbury Rings from the air

My parents live down in Dorset and one of the local attractions is the fascinating Badbury Rings which is always well worth a visit any time of the year!

Sun Jun 10 2018

(Apologies for the out of focus section as I take off from the Copse, not sure what happened there?)

This weekend we visited one of the most fascinating places in Dorset, the ancient site of Badbury Rings. I have been itching to fly there for ages and it wasn’t too busy, there were walkers around but as ever I’m always conscious of waiting for people to disperse before taking off and any animals that may be around.

I got some great views of Badbury in it’s entirety for both still photos and video.

One of the ideas I’ve had for awhile was to take off from the triangulation point with the camera pointing downwards, the drone shooting straight up to a couple of hundred feet and then raising the camera up to reveal the trees and the rolling landscape beyond getting Kingston Lacey in on the horizon.

The light wasn’t great, it was a bit murky but the day was muggy and warm. On the plus side though it kept the contrast under control and I nearly always see a ND grad filter on the camera lens too.

DJI 0073