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Thu Apr 26 2018


React is the UI library that I use for this site in conjunction with Gatsby and where do I begin? There are masses of resources out there.

I must start by mentioning The Official React Website which will help you get up and running with the library plus is always worth keeping an eye on for new releases, features being added and it moves pretty fast.

However if it is inspiration that you seek, then maybe a website such as React Rocks will get your creative juices going and fill your mind with ideas for new projects! I especially liked the really neat app Soundcloud Redux built with React and Redux. There are some clever folks out there, I certainly want to pinch a few ideas and get building some sample apps myself. You never know, something I create may crop up on React Rocks at some point in the future.

I did a little bit of Googling and came across the Best website examples of ReactJS and once again more inspiring stuff.

So now that you are inspired, where best to learn about ReactJS?

Canadian developer Wes Bos offers his course React Beginners which is very good indeed. If you explore his site, you will see that he has been a very busy guy. In fact his full-time occupation is to help us all learn more not just about React but other topics such as ES6 at the same time. All of the tech us developers need to know and right now, so that we stay on top of our game. You all know how tough that can be at times.


Learning CSS? Well a good place to start is W3Schools who have been one of the stalwarts for so many years when it comes to reference material online. Chris Coyier’s CSS Tricks is another long established site with plenty of tutorials on modern CSS skills ranging from how to get to grips with Flexbox, SVG, Fonts and the various methods on offer when it comes to layouts.


SVG On The Web - goes into some detail on how SVG works, the very mechanics of the graphics standard and how SVG solves so many problems, especially in the age of multiple devices, different resolutions and all of that craziness.

Gatsby JS

One of the tools used to build this site is GatsbyJS and I have been so impressed by it, that I am offering services around it as part of the work I do for my clients. If you want to get your hands dirty and have a go at building a Gatsby site or two, then there are some resources other than the official site that you may like to have a look at.


GraphQL is a new an exciting alternative to REST which incidentally Gatsby JS uses as it’s means of providing access to APIs. So you can certainly find out more about how this works via this handy guide


Any recommendations? Please pop a note in the comments below… thanks! I am also keen to write articles and tutorials based on what people may be struggling with or want to know more about. Pick my brains! Don’t be shy!

Nick Lewis

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