Nick Lewis - Web Developer, Photographer & Blogger


Though I have been a programmer for many decades, it wasn’t until just after the turn of the Millenium that I became more interested in the Web. I set up my own business to focus on a career as a contractor/freelancer developing web sites and nowadays some of these skills have been adapted to include mobile apps as part of our repetoire! It is an exciting time to be working in this field, that is for sure.


I have worked with press and stock agencies since 2002 covering all manner of topics as a photographer. I love to capture the essence of things, people and places. The image captured a reflection of the way I saw it at that unique moment in time. I am on the constant look out for my next photograph, quite often content enough to capture the moment with whatever camera I have at my disposal.

Bringing It All Together

My Wife and I are based in the town famed for being the birthplace of modern aviation, Farnborough, England - we are happy to travel far and wide. We deliver a mixture of services and we feel that the web and photography truly compliment eachother.

Follow the blogs on our website to learn more about what we are up to and to get a feel for our business :-)

The old website

For those of you who want to see my old site with some 800+ posts on it, it can now be accessed via nicklewisweb.wordpress.com. I will gradually pick out some old articles and convert them to the format that this site uses.