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Choosing our next car: Skoda Enyaq

We take a Skoda Enyaq for a spin, our first ever electric car experience. We really loved it and though we will test more EVs between now and September, this really impressed us
Choosing our next car: Skoda Enyaq

A quick post and by no means an automotive review, as I am not a car reviewer but we are soon going to be handing back our current car, it's lease is drawing to an end. It's a shame really, as I've got to like the car a great deal. Our Jaguar XE R-Sport 250 has been amazing over the past four years but we've decided that it should be our last ICE car, time to take the plunge into EV.

So we were really excited to take this lovely car for a spin:

Skoda Enyaq iV 80

Our first ever experience driving a fully electric car and we both took turns to put it through it's paces over about 40 minutes. Starting from Garland Skoda in Aldershot, who are brilliant, I shall explain why towards the end of this semi-review; but we know them very well.

We took in a little bit of Farnham, drove over to the the Wellington Statue by the Garrison Church where we tested out it's parking cameras. It is a big car, bigger than what we are used to, I mean we are looking at going from a sports saloon, naturally quite low to the ground compared to this compact SUV. However I don't think it's all that compact, it's chunky but that's good. It is spacious inside, the cabin is comfortable for the driver, front passenger and those who are sat in the back. Three people could comfortably share the rear seats, as there is no hump in the middle as there tends to be in ICE cars. The floor is totally flat, so people can move around easily. The leg room is very generous; I am 5ft 10in and had room in front of my legs to really stretch out. So if we opted for this car, our taller friends and family members will definitely thank us!

Tina really loved it and she has never been 100% happy with the Jaguar and it was probably because I test drove it with her but she didn't have a go at the time. You live and learn. So this time I'm making sure that we can both test the cars we are considering. Glad to report that the visibility from the Enyaq was superb, it is of course high and if you are not a tall driver, there is space to raise the seat; moreover you can opt for electric seats with memory settings if you wish.

Now one of the gotchas with the Enyaq are the dizzying array of packs you can choose. You can really kit this car out using Skoda's excellent website configurator but you will start to worry as the over price creeps up, I added many features and then went through a process of "do we, do we not need that", tweaking the configurator like crazy. It's easy to add a good 10k to the order if you aren't careful but don't forget, for now, you will sigh with relief as the government grant as applied deducting approx 3k from the bill.

Wait that's not all. You have a choice of two batteries, actually a great idea because you can choose the 60 or 80 battery, offering in literal terms either a 58kWh option or 77kWh. The smaller battery offers a range of 256 miles and the larger a stonking 333 miles. We may opt for the smaller battery because we'd never travel more than 256 miles in a day unless we were driving to Cornwall or something. The price for the smaller battery is more within our budget and gives us more flexibility to add the packs we want, whereas the 80 starts at a higher cost. Not to mention that the government grant can only be applied to the smaller battery, which is fair enough, I guess!

So we shall see how the other cars compare as we tick off our list of interesting vehicles. Garland Skoda are fantastic though and were just as good yesterday answering all of our questions and the car itself was brilliant. We've had 2 Octavias from them in the past, 6 years worth of leasing all in all. Nick White was always very helpful and great to see he is still there 4 years on.

Summing up

We really loved the car and Tina was especially so and it's important that the next car is very much for "us" and just "me". I now work from home for the most part but Tina (when we move house, as we plan to do) will have to commute most days, so will become the main user of the car. Something of a role reversal after many years of me commuting all over the country, to not doing that at all. You could argue that we no longer need a large engined expensive car as we've had for recent years.


We are going to test drive some more cars and these are the ones most of interest:

  • Tesla Model 3 but we are awaiting the Y to come to our shores, may still have quite a wait
  • Polestar 2, we nearly did test drive one recently but had to cancel last minute
  • Kie e-Niro, mind you when will we see the EV-6?
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5, not available for test drive yet but they could be here soon
  • There may be others, please let me know if I've missed any!