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Pangbourne Meadow

I am starting to explore a little bit further from home, scouting locations for future photography spots with nothing more than my iPhone. Today we took a little mosey around Pangbourne and the River Thames
Pangbourne Meadow

Tina and I have been keen to explore new areas recently that we haven't explored much in the past. Over the past 18 months (almost) we've kept within the boundaries of our very local patch and as such tend to visit the same places a great deal. We love those locations but; time to venture further out, not much, just enough to whet our appetite for rural adventures once again!

Pangbourne is a village just North West of Reading, on the edge of the stunning Wessex Downs; incidentally an area we want to explore a great deal more. In a nutshell we are considering moving somehwere closer to that area. More on this another time, as it's early days as far as plans are concerned.

Rambling Photographer
A photographer who loves to ramble both physically and metaphorically!

Reasons to go back for more!

  • Whitchurch bridge and Lock; the bridge is one of the last remaining toll-bridge on the entire River Thames. There has been a bridge here since 1792, but the current structure was built around 1902.
  • Beautiful river scenes in abundance
  • Different seasons, would be great to visit again in Autumn
  • Different times of day, crack of dawn around Autumn perhaps. Less people around, as in the summer the park is busy and deservedly so, it is a perfect spot for a picnic
  • Snow, fog, ice, varying light conditions can change the way scenes look each and every time you go back to them
  • Churches, houses and boathouses. The first time we visited, we were automatically drawn to the Thames because it is such a stunning feature
  • Wildlife, flora and fauna; lots of stunning wildflowers and I suspect if you look for them around high summer, orchids. So worth keeping these in my field notes. Incidentally well worth keeping some notes (worth a blog post itself)

Where to find out more

I always want to share more information about the locations I visit, especially as I go forwards.

Hello Ghost, goodbye everything else?

I am always evaluating the tools of my trade and I've ran this website in the past on Wordpress, Gridsome, Eleventy, Gatsby. I've tried them all in the past, they are all good in their own ways but at times they can get in the way from a technology perspective.

Ghost is a great CMS platform that has gone from strength to strength over a number of years. I first tried it out right at the start mainly because it is built and runs on Node JS, a very robust back-end framework, as I am sure any of my fellow we developers out there would agree.

I feel that this particular topic is a post in it's own right, so let me come back to it another day; however I shall conclude that I will probably move a lot of old content over here at some point in time.

Can I subscribe? Yes and please do!

You will notice that there is a button you can click in the bottom corner, to subscribe. I would very much love it if you do because I am planning to publish a number of different topics across different segments and you'll be able to pick the topics that interest you the most. The frequency of posts, as ever will be a little sporadic but we shall see how we get on ;-)