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Sorry, I am self isolating… again

A different post from me today and a short one it is too. We have been instructed to self-isolate for the second time in a few weeks for 10 days. We have no idea what has triggered it but I am aware that we aren't the only ones. Our local butcher posted a message on social media earlier to inform us they are totally closed until the middle of next week. I've heard of so many people being hit this week by our track and trace system. Next week the whole country unlocks. It boggles my mind.

So keeping my mask on, minimising my contact with people for a long time to come.

Recently, because we've been allowed, I've been out and about a bit more; today has made me think again but we can only do what we can to return to some form of life!

Last week I attended Goodwood FOS, one of many pilot events and I have to say it was run very well, with peoples' safety front and centre. I am curating a dedicated photography focused post on the event, to publish sometime soon.

So whatever you do next week folks, please be damn careful and play it safe!


Since writing the above our results are back and thankfully negative.