The Hurtwood

A stirring walk in this stunning Surrey Hills woodland certainly got the wordsmith in me engaged with my environment!

Sun Apr 29 2018

The meandering path

Silence. No words. No noise. Silence punctuated just by the whisper of the wind. The chatter of the birds. A woodpecker’s knock-knock chirrup echoes through the trees. Full stop, silence restored. I stand witness to Nature’s wonderful orchestra. Not a fellow human to be seen. The forest becomes my own. I look up to see a buzzard circling above the trees, keeping a watchful eye on his world below. The verdant green intensity of Spring’s juvenile glory breaking the light starved day. The petrichor of the damp bark detritus that forms the carpet upon which my foot-steps fall. I hear my breath. I feel revitalised. My soul cleansed. I revel in the reward that the great outdoors keeps on giving.

I wrote this as I took a walk through the woods known as “Hurtwood”. Hurtwood is located in the heart of the Surrey Hills not far from Albury, I made notes on my iPhone using the Bear app, the words just came to me, so I wrote them down and I later edited it using the same app on my MacBook once I got home later the same day.

I love the great outdoors, the sounds, the smells. If you’ve never come across the word “petrichor” before, it is that scent you experience after rain, one of those weird but not unpleasant smells. I had been reading something about this recently and therefore it came in handy here!

Some paths around this old woodland resemble Tolkien’s “Middle Earth” and there is a magical, ethereal atmosphere here that conjures up all manner of /img in my mind’s eye.

Get out there, where you too can revel in the reward that nature keeps on giving!