The love of boats

Every photographer has their favourite topic and for me, I love boats

Tue Jan 02 2018

I can recall when I first became interested in photography that I would borrow my Dads camera to photograph whatever we found whilst on holiday. I think my love for boats came about as a result of simply spending a lot of time in Cornwall as a child. Once we started to go further afield to the Mediterranean, the interest just grew and grew.

Roll forward to the current day, I am often exploring places and the coast always draws me in, so much so that I am going to plan a few field trips for the forthcoming months. I need not travel all that far for my own county of Hampshire has a coastline and I can be there within the hour from home.

Kaloura, Corfu

This delightful little place just had me hooked but time was limited because, the sun was already too high and then a boat full of tourists came in. Then before I knew it, the little harbour was smothered with people who there for about 5 minutes and then vanished!

The boats of Kaloura

Somewhere in Dorset

I honestly cannot remember where I came across this boat, I think it was Poole Harbour in Dorset, I didn’t caption the file, which was somewhat clumsy of me!

The old boat