Wisley at Easter

A walk around RHS Wisley is always welcome any time of the year but Spring is the best!

Sun Apr 01 2018

A visit to RHS Wisley is always worth it’s while, especially on Easter Sunday. It’s a hive of activity with children running riot searching for their Easter bunnies whilst bemused parents watch over them and chat about the more grown up topic of what they should plant in the garden this year. We’ve just about recovered from our double-whammy of snow recently so the sight of some blossom and the hope of a good crop of strawberries this June certainly filled this blogger with joy! If only I had found an Easter Bunny!

Never mind, I went on the search for some pictures instead despite the light still being a little dull.

Early blossom

I love it - Blossom is a pleasure to see and it’s slowly but surely emerging. We also saw some Magnolia trees with budding flowers whilst we explored some corners of the garden we hadn’t seen before.

Wheelbarrow and gardening tools at the ready

Stock shot - I have recently started to submit some images to Alamy and I will write another blog article about it at some point in time. In fact most of the shots shared in this one are on their way over to them. So a nice green wheelbarrow struck me as being a good editorial shot. Ok they may have many of these already but you never know. I’ve sold fairly mundane shots before after all that took meby surprise!


Bamboo - Not sure those Easter Bunnies eat Bamboo but didn’t see any Pandas around today either (sorry, my obscure sense of humour is that dry at times, feel sorry for my Wife, she will be greatful).

The fountain starts flowing again

No more ice - Two weeks ago we observed frozen rivers up in North Wales and that seems to have been and gone, we hope now for better weather but the forecast seems to tell a different story.

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